Franchise Model La Montserratina Grill

At Caja Consultores, we look for opportunities that help strengthen the brand as well as contribute to the business growth, in this case we developed a new business concept “La Montserratina Grill” which was a pilot test for a new franchise model of La Montserratina. Environment: – The main consumption of the Montserratina sausages is in the “Hot Dog” style with bread and sauces. – The Venezuelan professional baseball series is the annual event with the highest audience in Venezuela, where the largest number of people belonging to different targets is reached. Brand Idea: We create a business model that capitalizes on the highest consumption habit of the category and we launch it on the highest audience national event, to obtain the highest possible spontaneous awareness.

Insight: “I want a good quality, tasty, filling and an excellent beer companion while watching the baseball game” Caja Consultores Execution: – Creation of a Montserratina Grill stand, which highlights the quality level that the brand has. – Recruitment of a high level personnel that generates a differentiation in the positioning of the brand through a 5 stars service. – Management of the entire stand´s operation during the baseball season October-January 2014. – Design of the menu, pricing and communication strategy