La Granja

Management of Social Networks We are the Farm

Food La Granja has been a traditional brand in the frozen food industry.
The challenge for Caja Consultores was to modernize the brand’s position on the market and renew the consumer´s base, through a direct approach with the potential consumer of La Granja, people who want to simplify their life and need fast solutions with flavor in their meals.

For this reason, a social network management strategy was designed for La Granja using Instagram as the main channel, the social network with the highest year-on-year growth and best suited to work with Apetitte Apeal brands.
So we started to manage social networks for La Granja, making sure to differentiate ourselves, the innovative point we brought to the table was that it is not a Community Manager who runs the social network … it is a super chef with a lot of cooking knowledge that day to Day makes recipes easy and simple to prepare, takes a photo and publish them on social networks.


– Increase of 2,500 followers in 5 months
– 95% interaction in each post posted by consumers

The key:
– We strive to make really valuable content for people, beyond chasing a certain amount of publications we look for the best recipes and tips that can be useful for the one who follows us.