Veet Piernas de Perfil

“Veet Piernas de Perfil” a promotion that was born under a strong insight of the objective target’s behavior under a simple model and leveraged in social networks.
Reach: “End to End” Concept design,Indepabis permissiveness execution, production of all materials (Facebook app, heads, awards, magazine arts, web banners), negotiation and relationship management with the spaces and Materials to be placed.


– Generate a custom promotion for Farmatodo
– Increase clicks on Fan Page for Veet Venezuela

“I like to look beautiful and take photos, I would like to have the most original photo for my profile”


We create the promo “Veet Piernas de Perfil”
– For the purchase of any Veet product consumers could take a photo on the photography sets, and touch ups were made to the photographs so it appears as if they were dressed in 60’s, 50’s, as rock stars, and other themed backgrounds.
– Also who took the most creative photo showing her legs won a professional photoshoot.
Increased clicks on page 130% over a period of one month November 201